Pressure Washing Services for Fleet and Industrial Equipment in Calgary and Lethbridge

If you need cleaning services for your fleet or industrial equipment in Calgary or Lethbridge, then Canadian Pressure Washing Services is the perfect choice for you. We are WCB Alberta insured and provide a guarantee for the best pressure washer services nearby. 

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we always make sure our customers are satisfied. The experts of Canadian pressure washing services provide you the personalized cleaning of your machinery according to your requirement. 

Get the latest discounts’ by availing fleet or industrial equipment cleaning services with us. 

Personalized Fleet Washing Services in Calgary and Lethbridge


We offer customized cleaning services according to your requirements because we know that every fleet is different. 

Our team specializes in cleaning various commercial vehicles, including cars, highway trucks, vans, buses, trailers, and other vehicles used for business purposes. Additionally, our services involve maintenance, tracking, and optimizing vehicle usage.

We’ll make sure to clean exactly what you need, whether it’s a routine maintenance check or balancing your vehicle, to reduce wear and tear and make it last longer compared to others.

Industrial Equipment Cleaning Expertise in Calgary and Lethbridge


We’re not just experts in commercial fleets but also skilled in cleaning industrial equipment. Our expert team knows how to use the best pressure washing machines and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We specialize in handling all sorts of heavy machinery, manufacturing gear, oil and gas tools, as well as agricultural equipment such as excavators, tractors, drilling rigs, and combine harvesters. 


We’ll remove all the dirt, mud, sand, and grease from your equipment to make your machinery look brand new again. We are number one trusted pressure washing company that keep your machinery safe. 


Reasons to Choose Canadian Pressure Washing Services in Calgary and Lethbridge

No matter if you have a few commercial vehicles or a lot of heavy industrial machines, we can handle it all. You will get your cleaning done from the Canadian Pressure Washing Services with the best output. 


Our experienced technicians offer customized solutions at affordable prices, using nion toxic products for your convenience. Plus, you’ll receive discounts for using our services.

Upgrade Your Fleet and Industrial Equipment with canada pressure washing services

Canadian Pressure Washing Services stands as the premier choice for fleet and industrial equipment cleaning in Calgary and Lethbridge. We differentiate ourselves through our determined commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Take the benefits from our ongoing fleet cleaning discounts and book your call to discuss further.